Glitz and Glam and All things DANCE!

I have had such a fun few weeks!
I've shot some amazing families and had my heart melted by all of these little dancers.
Thanks for having me SPRINGS DANCE!
Shoot ya later :)


Summer Family Photos Bring Me Joy!

Hey All!
Summer in Colorado is something to behold!
It's warm and bright but there's almost always an afternoon thunderstorm that makes my heart flutter.
I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.
All of that is to say that that is the reason the blog has been a little slow on the updates...I am out wandering, exploring, and enjoying my beautiful city (and state) during these gorgeous months.

So now that's outta the way, on to the reason you're really here...
My clients are just the BEST!
I adore them and I am so happy that they pick me to capture the happiness of their lives.
Speaking of awesome clients, here is one such family.
This wonderful clan is so fun and their kiddos have my heart.
Shoot ya Later :)


Lookie at My May MMS'ers!! (And June Booking Links, too!)

I wanted to give a huuuge "Thank You" to my May MMS'ers!
All of you are fabulous and I loved meeting/getting to know you!

Here are some of my favorite shots!

PS: All the June MMS dates and booking links are at the bottom so don't forget to scroll all the way through the adorableness of these peeps! :)

There are FOUR MMS dates and TWO locations to choose from in June.

Quick Note: I have decided to hold two MMS's in the middle of the week because I realize how quickly summer Saturdays can get crazy. Hopefully these will be good options for anyone that can't quite squeeze in family picturesheadshots, or engagements on a Saturday!

The downtown-ish location is so amazing and there has been so much interest that I have decided to hold TWO June MMS's there.
We'll be partying right around HERE (closest approximation because there is not really an exact address) June 4th and 15th
To book for JUNE 4th click HERE and to book for JUNE 15th click HERE!!

And last but not least, I will be holding the other two June MMS's at Rock Ledge Ranch which is right around HERE...
To book for JUNE 11th just click HERE and to book for JUNE 28th clickity-click HERE!

As always, email me with any questions and I am excited to see you all there!

Shoot ya Later :)