Fall Light Makes My Dreams Come True

 These fall sessions are *literally* killing me.
Like, l i t e r a l l y.
I can't even.
Light like this immediately brings a smile to my face and then takes my breath away.
Let's book YOUR family session before it gets too cold!!
Email: humbletakes@gmail.com
Call/text: (801) 560-8196
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Show Holiday Cards Who's Boss!!

The holidays are here!
YAY.......and EEK!
Your to-do list is getting longer and your time frame is getting smaller!
Humbletakes is here to save the day!!
Ok, that's a bit of an overstatement.
Humbletakes is here to help you strike off one MAJOR to-do.....holiday cards!
Let's get your family session scheduled as soon as possible so you can get those cards sent out, off your mind, and you can focus on all of your other holiday details.
Email, text, or call for more information and to schedule - contact info below!

(801) 560-8196

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Like, Are You *Actually* Kidding Me With These Girls?!

Questions I ask myself when I meet awesome new clients:
Uhm, are you kidding me with this cuteness?
Is this my job, like, seriously?
How lucky am I?
Do kids even GET any more adorable than this?
Kidnapping is still illegal, right?
How did my life end up awesome enough to make money hanging out will these amazing people?
Etc, etc...
I don't even have answers for these questions.
All I know is that I am incredibly blessed to not only meet these great families, but to capture their lives in a fun genuine way.
I just love my clients.
There is really no other way to say it.
They're awesome.
Thank you, you guys.
You rock.
Shoot ya Later :)