So Much Family Fun

Whattup World?!
I have absolutely loved shooting all of these wonderful families.
Here is another one to add to the list!
This little pack is just awesome.
These kiddos are incredible!
We had a gorgeous day and a beautiful location.
I would call this a win!!
Shoot ya Later :)


Beautiful Croatia!

Hello Everyone!
So happy you're here.
I thought it would be nice to show a little summin' summin' other than family sessions!
Here is a glimpse of the time Sweetcheeks and I spent in Croatia.
Croatia is absolutely beautiful.
It was sorta my photographic dreamland...which all of Europe kind of was.
 I loved the old buildings with bright shudders.
I loved the alley ways.
I loved the cobblestone.
I loved the character.
It is a truly beautiful place.
Shoot ya Later :)

P.S. There is a very special surprise for ya'll at the bottom. (sidenote: super sexy guys plays tennis)

I mean.....c'mon. LOOK at this guy! 


These Kids. Seriously.

Okay, you guys...my life is a d r e a m.
These three absolutely crack me up!
They are gorgeous and photogenic and wonderfully hilarious.
The setting was amazing and the company couldn't have been better.
Shoot ya Later :)