The Dust Has Settled....

Holy cow...time flies when you're having fun!
So I'm finished with my gallivanting and ready to show the world....the world!
I'm am gonna start with the best and prettiest and best part of the trip.
This little clan let Sweetcheeks and I crash at their pad before and after our wanderings of Europe.
How brave are they?
As a "thank you" we had a quick family shoot in the beautiful fall leaves.
I can't even tell you how much I love this gang.
These girls are just to die for....those eyes!
Future heartbreakers in the making!
A HUGE thank you to the Gomez family for putting up with us crazies!
Shoot ya Later :)

PS: I've just gotta say that the pictures at the end with the whole family laughing make my heart happy every time I see them....true love and happiness in the Gomez home.


Hello from Europe!

Hey World!
I just wanted to check in really quickly.
We have been running around like crazy...first through American, then through Europe!
The blog has not really been updated buuuuuuut my Instagram (@humbletakes) is being updated like crazy!
So follow me there. Like, now. It's really easy.
It's just the click of a button.
I will have many, many, many posts for you in about three months!
So there's something to look forward to.
Farewell for now...much love from Europe!
Shoot ya Later :)

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Holy Honduras!

Hey All!
I am back from an absolutely beautiful trip to Honduras and survived a two day, 27 hour drive from SLC, UT to Harvest, AL!
We are chillin' with Sweetcheeks's awesome sister and her adorable family.
We are on our way to Washington, DC on Friday and then off to Europe!
If you want to keep up to date with our travels or see any of our "snapshots" from Honduras (and the rest of our wanderings) follow me on Instagram (@humbletakes) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/HumbleTakes). 
Quick note about Honduras...
It was absolutely amazing.
It was really interesting to me because it was so beautiful yet so beat down and dilapidated at the same time.
It was eye opening and confusing for me.
I had a hard time understanding some things that seemed contradictory to me.
I can't quite sort it all out right now...but I'm still mulling it around in my brain.
We can talk about it later.
Anyway, I shot this trip on film so I will have an "official" post when I get those pictures back.
Disclaimer: It will probably be after all of our adventures in Europe!
Until then, I love ya'll!
Shoot ya Later :)