Perusing Old Work..Stumbled Upon Some Things

Hey World!
If you follow me on Instagram (uhm, which you totally should! @humbletakes) you know that I have been perusing some of my old work and posting some of the pictures that I think deserve a "second look". 
These particular pictures are from a trip that I took to the Caribbean a few years ago.
I shot these on 35 mm film to break into the film world.
Shooting this way made the trip so much more interesting! I kind of loved not knowing how my pictures were going to turn out.
I had this horrible habit of checking the back of the camera after every shot.
That reaction speaks to our reliance on technology.
I didn't have time to make these pictures "blog pretty" but I wanted to post them anyway.
I'm a renegade like that.
Hope you enjoy!
Shoot ya Later :)

Reminder: Prints available! Email (humbletakes@gmail.com) with inquiries!


Amazing Colorado Springs Wedding!

Well hello there, stranger!
How have you been?
I am so excited to share this amazing couple with you guys!
I present JOSH & KATIE (and the crowd goes wiiiiiiild!!!!)!
These two are adorable and, seriously, could not be any happier.
I was lucky enough to shoot these two lovies at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for their bridal/groomal session.
We had a great time.
Katie and Josh were so fun and up for anything....best clients ever.
They were then married in the Denver temple!
We had a couple busy busy days but it was all totally worth it.
This is just a glimpse of their amazing-ness!
Josh and Katie, you guys are awesome and I wish you all the marital bliss in the world!
Shoot ya Later :)