A Day Late is Still Kinda on Time, Right?

Hey All!!
I've missed you...it's my fault cuz I just haven't been around as much as I should.
But I've missed you nonetheless.
Allow me, if you will, to gush for a moment.
I am a *cough* day *cough* late for a celebratory post about Sweetcheeks and my (mine? grammar is hard...) two year anniversary.
Buuuuuuut....better late than never, right? Right?
This boy:
Alan Patrick Sage, is my favorite person in the whole wide world.
Yesterday we celebrated two years being married - crazy! Like we're grown ups or something!
We've had lots of adventures. Some awesome. Some not so awesome.
To my handsome, sweet, lovable, crazy man....I love you more and more every day.
Happy two years...and here's to many, many, many, many, many more!!!

P.S. I was going through all of our pictures and I just went a little bit crazy in the picture department.
Sorry aaaaand good luck!


Perusing Old Work..Stumbled Upon Some Things

Hey World!
If you follow me on Instagram (uhm, which you totally should! @humbletakes) you know that I have been perusing some of my old work and posting some of the pictures that I think deserve a "second look". 
These particular pictures are from a trip that I took to the Caribbean a few years ago.
I shot these on 35 mm film to break into the film world.
Shooting this way made the trip so much more interesting! I kind of loved not knowing how my pictures were going to turn out.
I had this horrible habit of checking the back of the camera after every shot.
That reaction speaks to our reliance on technology.
I didn't have time to make these pictures "blog pretty" but I wanted to post them anyway.
I'm a renegade like that.
Hope you enjoy!
Shoot ya Later :)

Reminder: Prints available! Email (humbletakes@gmail.com) with inquiries!


Amazing Colorado Springs Wedding!

Well hello there, stranger!
How have you been?
I am so excited to share this amazing couple with you guys!
I present JOSH & KATIE (and the crowd goes wiiiiiiild!!!!)!
These two are adorable and, seriously, could not be any happier.
I was lucky enough to shoot these two lovies at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for their bridal/groomal session.
We had a great time.
Katie and Josh were so fun and up for anything....best clients ever.
They were then married in the Denver temple!
We had a couple busy busy days but it was all totally worth it.
This is just a glimpse of their amazing-ness!
Josh and Katie, you guys are awesome and I wish you all the marital bliss in the world!
Shoot ya Later :)