Springs Dance Nutcracker!

Hi, my lovies!
I have missed you.
I absolutely LOVE being a mamma but I gotta get back to my photog routine - shooting, editing, posting, repeat :)
I decided to engage your eyeballs with a very fun event that I was lucky enough to photograph.
Springs Dance had their annual Hip-Hop Nutcracker performance in December.
You may not know this about me…or you may…but I LOVE dance.
I love dancing, I love watching dance, I love all things dance.
I. Love. Dance.
You get the idea.
So this project was really fun for me (because of the aforementioned love).
This is not your run-of-the-mill Nutcracker.
It featured brazilian capoeira (a martial arts style dance…click HERE to read more about it), balletswingcontemporaryariel silks, and many many more. 
I love this performance and this dance studio! 
Thank you to Springs Dance for letting me capture this awesome performance and GREAT JOB to all of the dancers that made the performance so memorable!
I hope you, as the viewer, can feel the energy and passion of these dancers and maybe even sign up for a class yourself? Call me crazy.
Shoot ya Later :)


Not a Real Post..

Hey Guys!
This isn't a real photography post...I just wanted to let you know why it seems I have vanished!
Sweetcheeks and I had our little baby boy on Dec 1st!
It has been quite a whirlwind because the Lil' Sir decided to come four weeks early.
I have been absolutely absorbed in him (I wouldn't have it any other way) which is why I appear to have completely abandoned all other responsibilities of my life.
I hope to have a session with the General soon and I will post them when that actually happens!
Thanks for all the love and support.
I love you guys.
Shoot ya Later :)


FIRST Birthday Photo Session!!

Happy happy birthday to this beauty!
I had a fun, albiet wiiiiindy, first birthday session with this adorableness.
This girl had my heart the moment I met her!
First birthdays are a big deal.
An occasion to memorialized.
A once-in-a-lifetime event!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you cute little thing....enjoy all the love that surrounds you!
Photos are the perfect way to remember any celebration.
Call me to commemorate all of the important moments in you and your family's life!
Shoot ya Later :)