4 Ways I Manage Mompreneurship

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the feeling of overwhelm. How easy it is to get lost in all of the to-do's and should-be's. I realized that everyone's list is different but we're all busy. We're all trying to make our way through a productive and fulfilling life.

Well to any of my stay-at-home or entrepreneur mammas out there, I get it. I feel you, sister. I want to share four things I do, to lessen the overwhelm in the hopes that it will help you too. These are just a few things that always help me gain perspective and, frankly, calm the hell down.

1: Stretch

This sounds weird. Don't judge me. This is a safe space, right?

Stretching for 15-30 minutes before bed while listening to my most mellow playlist is one of the absolute best ways that I know will help me get a better nights rest and give my mind a break. I try to tune out my lists and worries and focus on me. On my body.

Giving my body a little bit of attention and love for working so hard for me throughout the day. When I stretch I always sleep better and wake up with less aches and stiffness (chronic back issues). After stretching my mind seems to race less and falling asleep is easier.

Pro tip: After stretching I will not look at a computer screen or my phone. I will get a drink of water and immediately crawl into bed. I don't want all of the relaxation I just earned to go down the drain when I see the emails that need to be answered or get sucked into the Instagram black hole or am reminded of how early in need to wake up the next day.

2: Check-in with myself (and my hubby)

This may seem obvious but I feel like I learned to really "check-in" with myself (in the last three or four years).

What checking-in means to me, is using reason and logic to understand why I'm feeling what I'm feeling. Overwhelm, stress, anxiety, restlessness, laziness, whatever-ness. I bust out my analytical chemist side and treat my emotions or reactions like a scientific problem. Usually, after thinking through what I have going on or talking with my husband about what I am feeling I can usually pinpoint the why I'm feeling a certain way.

Once I understand the source of my overwhelm I can gain some perspective about how serious a problem actually is. Hint: I can blow things out of proportion sometimes. Quick example: blog posts. I can get so bent out of shape about needing to write a blog post to stay on schedule that it's all I can think about but can't fit into my schedule, yet (planning, see #3). Before I know it I'm freaking out that my to-do list is getting out of control and I just can't breathe.

See, it all started with a blog post. And this is just ONE example. My point is, if I can get a handle on the fact that my stress about writing a blog post has sprung me into stress induced hives I can make a plan of attack to do what I need to do.

3: Make a plan. Prioritize.

I structure my days into time blocks that are reasonable and doable for having a curious one year old staggering around, climbing on everything, and eating charcoal out of the fireplace.

I plan my day around babysitting swaps and nap times. I figure out what I feel is the most important (or what is causing the most overwhelm) and have it written down. This way, I stay on task and utilize my precious work time wisely.

I take smaller chunks out of big projects and bust out small projects, Planning it out a week at a time.While I'm working on Monday I won't be thinking about everything I'm not getting done that day. If I have it on the schedule for Wednesday, I don't have to think about it on Monday. I just handle Monday.

Pro tip: Treat yourself as you would your child, or someone you care about deeply. Be flexible with yourself, your schedule and how you prioritize and you'll feel way better!

4: Cut yourself some slack. You're doing your best.

You really are. You are doing your best to manage everything on your plate. We all are. We're all fighting different and equally challenging battles. And we're doing it beautifully, in stain covered pajamas, with no makeup, and eating out of a can. But, hey, we're doing it. We're working our asses off for ourselves and our families.


I'm always on the hunt for creative ideas to help manage, life. What are some of your tips and tricks to keeping your perspective and overwhelm in check?

Shoot ya Later :)


3 Easy Ways to Have a Flawless Photo Shoot

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What's up, my clan?! Are you guys loving this Spring weather? The landscape is becoming a prettier and prettier backdrop for my April Mini-Mini Sessions! Book yours now (dates and links below)!

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I can not EVEN count the number of times I've heard the following phrases:

"I HATE having my picture taken"
"I'm not photogenic"
"I hate pictures of myself"

Well. I am not havin' alla that....mostly because it's bullsh$t. I hate that I have to been so direct with y'all but sometimes mama just has to pull out the big girl words. You guys, how many people really love having their picture taken? I mean, except for, like, the Kardashians...and teenage girls? But let's be real. We're all a little self conscious about SOMETHING. Our eyes are too small, ears to big, nose protrudes too much, chin doesn't protrude enough, my love handles show I'm reeeeaaallly loved, my arms jiggle, my hair doesn't fall right...and on and on and on. Me, for example..I have a double chin that just won't quit.

There are super simple, almost microscopic, changes that can make a huge difference in pictures. Here are the three tips that I use whenever I have my picture taken (headshots, family pictures, selfies, snapshots at family events...whenever)!


Posture is everything. Anyone I photograph will hear, "stand up nice and tall...not like you're in the military, but shoulders back and down, belly tight, chin up a tad". I have said that sentence almost verbatim over 13,205 times. I counted. Fine, I didn't really count but you get my drift.

Check out this family. Everyone is standing tall yet comfortable. Picture perfect!

Lifting your chin (in moderation)

When people smile they have a tendency to lower their chin. Doing this puts the features of your face out of proportion. Forehead looks bigger, chin looks smaller and often it gives some semblance of a double chin. It's just not good.

Lifting up your chin very slightly can make your face look thinner and is more flattering. It's like the fastest weight loss plan ever. Don't get crazy lifting your chin to the sky can make you look like a crazy person searching for UFO's.

This is my favorite tip because it's so minor and people don't feel awkward with this tiny pose "correction".

Here's yours truly at my branding photo shoot. The difference in my face is so obvious but my change is posture was so slight.

Dress for your body

Wear something that you feel like a million bucks in! Don't squeeze into something that you and heaven knows does not fit well. Don't try to hide your body with baggy clothing, either, it will only make you look heavier and frumpy. There are amazing flattering clothing styles for ALL body types and sizes!! Do some research if you don't own anything that you love wearing. Clothes should makes you feel amazing, especially on photo day.

What are your favorite photo taking hacks?

Shoot ya Later :)


7 Film Photography Instagramers I Can't Live Without

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I wanted to give a quick shout out to all of my March MMS'ers! Thank y'all so much for coming out. I had a great time with you!! Speaking of MMS's I have the April dates listed below in case you missed'em!

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Are ya'll on Instagram? I am! Insta gives me liiiiiiiife. Ok, that's a bit dramatic but it IS my number ONE time waster/inspiration giver. I absolutely love connecting with other artists and seeing what creative and innovative things they are doing. I follow some of the most amazing film photographers and I can't wait to share them with you.

Disclaimer: some images are NSFW or have the potential to offend. Proceed with caution, please. Thank you.

How I would describe his work:
  • real
  • moody
  • dark

How I would describe his work:
  • intimate
  • truth
  • storytelling

How I would describe his work:
  • exotic
  • colorful
  • broadens my views of humanity

How I would describe his work:
  • uncomfortable
  • redefines "close portrait"
  • it's all about his subjects 

How I would describe his work:
  • nostalgic
  • street photography
  • intriguing

How I would describe his work:
  • in your face (ha..see what I did there?)
  • human interest stories
  • intense

How I would describe her work:
  • editorial
  • emotional
  • wedding

I'm always looking for more inspiration and eye candy, who do y'all follow on Instagram?

Shoot ya Later :)