March Mini-Mini Session Dates!

Hey Humbletakes Fam!

I am working on some super fun posts and I can't wait to publish them! For now I wanted to quickly check in and give you some info and links! Everyone's favorite thing, right? The March MMS dates are open and ready for booking! We will be shooting at Bear Creek Nature Center (245 Bear Creek Road). Written directions are at the bottom of the post! There are beautiful trees and picturesque wooden fences. I'm super excited to see y'all there.

Here are the dates and corresponding links to book!

March 4th: BOOK HERE

March 12th: BOOK HERE

March 25th: BOOK HERE

Email me with any questions! (melissa@humbletakes.com)

Shoot ya Later :)

Directions to Bear Creek Nature Center:

From I-25 Exit 141, go west on US Hwy 24 to 26th Street. Turn left (south) on 26th and proceed about 2 miles to Bear Creek Road.


Humbletakes: An Introduction!

Hello one and all!
Whether you are brand new or an old friend: welcome.
For all the newbies, I would like to do a quick intro to let you know what I'm all about.

My name is Melissa.
I live in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.
I love my adorable Sweetcheeks (Husband) and our Mini Sweetcheeks and Lil' Sweetcheeks (two kiddos).
I love photography.
I love nachos.
I love when it rains.
In that order.
Ok, enough about me.

Humbletakes is all about gorgeous, authentic, and affordable photos.
I believe that you deserve beautiful photos at reasonable cost.
And that's where I come in.
I specialize in what I call a Mini-Mini-Session (MMS).
There is a complete, and I mean a com-PLETE, explanation and details HERE.
Synopsis: MMS's are held on certain days of the month, you book your session online, show up, smile a lot, and you're on your way!
They are efficient, fun, and AFFORDABLE!
For a sneak peek of the products of an MMS you can check out my blog post HERE.
*If you have any questions about the MMS process or details email me at melissa@humbletakes.com
Again, thank you all for stopping by and I am STOKED for 2017!!

PS: You can follow me in, like, a million different ways:
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email subscription 
(Don't worry..I don't spam. You'll get tips and tricks for your own family session and MMS dates/info) - you can sign up right now with that little form to your right!

Ok, ok...four different ways.

I'm SO happy you're all here.

Shoot ya Later :)


A Little Love...

Hiya friends!
I am reeeally far behind with posting this, but better late than never...or something.
This is my Lil' Sweetcheeks...and he turned ONE on December 1st!
We celebrated with a mini photoshoot...cuz how else would celebrate? I mean, really?
This past year has been a wonderful and wild ride.
My heart almost explodes with love when I look at this boy's sweet face.
He challenges me in ways I never knew possible and brings out my best (and worst) sides.
He is positively a gift.
A gift I cherish.
So to my sweet, curious, timid boy:
I love you more than words could ever possibly describe.
I hold you physically close now and in my heart forever.
You have given my life purpose and made my heart whole.
I love you, Lil' Sweetcheeks.