Awesomeness Over Here, You Guys!

Hola, mis amigos....or something
I LOVE being busy, and busy I have been!
I was lucky enough to do a quick family session for this awesome family.
Such a great bunch.
Laid back and hilarious....a terrific combo!
Thanks for being cool, you guys :)
Shoot ya Later :)


What Wonderful Kiddos!

What's up, photog fam?!
I have been a busy little bee and have loved every minute of it!
I was lucky enough to do a quick session with these amazing kids.
I am just the luckiest person in the world.
I swear, my clients are cooler than any other photographer's clients ever.
I just love them.
These kids are absolutely wonderful.
I had a great time chillin' with them...even though it started snowing in the middle of our session.
The snow made it all the more festive!
THANK YOU Brig and Kim - you guys make awesome babies!
Shoot ya Later :)


They are HERE!!

What's up guys?!
Well...you've read the stories and heard the legends.
I am here to tell you that they are real and that they are HERE!
The fantastically fabulous Christensen clan!
This family is SO amazing!
We had some good crazy fun.
I want to say a huge THANK YOU to this amazing family.
You guys are just incredible.
Enjoy this adorably photogenic mob.
Shoot ya Later :)

PS: You guys naaaailed your color choices!