I Love Them....Buuuut Also Hate Them

Hi Peeps!
Don't let this post make you feel bad.
For, ya know, helping you realize that there a prettier people in the world than you.
Don't worry, this bunch made me realize the exact same thing.
I love and hate them for it.
JK....but seriously.
This. Family.
I mean, really.
We had a great time hanging out at the park and causin' trouble. 
Thanks for letting me get to know your sweet little family, Rachael.
They are just gems!
Shoot ya Later :) 


This Isn't a Real Post...Just a Lookie-Lookie

I'm not really writing anything...
I'm just working on editing pictures from London and I stumbled across what are now my two favorite pictures probably of all time.
Shoot ya Later :)



Hi Team!
I just wanted to check in! 
I've been a busy busy bee and I'm stoked about it.
I'm here...you can call off the search party :)
I'll have a fun new post for you as soon as I can!
Love you all!
Shoot ya Later :)