Tricia Ashby Real T Team Easter Egg Hunt - 2014 Edition!

Hey Guys!
I have been super busy and it has been FABULOUS!
I captured all the fun at the Tricia Ashby Real T Team Client Appreciation Event!
And what fun it is!
Lots of food, lots of prizes, and LOTS of eggs :)
Interestingly enough, as fun as it was watching the kiddos...the adults is what made it all worth while!
Shoot ya Later :)

PS. I also loved the part when all the families sit down to tally up the loot :)


Quick Trip

You. Guys.
I just wanted to let you know that Sweetcheeks and I took a quick trip to Most Magical Place in All the Land.
Others refer to this place simple as Idaho.
I will continue to call this wondorous place the Most Magical Place in All the Land.
Anyway, I have some fun stuff in the works so don't forget to check back soon!
Love you all....
and as usual......
Shoot ya Later :)


It Feels Like Playing...

Hi guys.
How have you been?
As you can see...I have been fantastic.
As a photographer I have the opportunity to embrace playfulness and fun......as my "JOB".
How lucky am I?
I got to hang with these adorable kiddos a few weeks ago.
They are an absolute delight and their smiles melt my heart.
As many of you know, photography was not my intended career.
In college I planned to go to pharmacy school...then grad school....then just graduate and work for a while.
I always did photography.....just never seriously.
I would consider becoming a wedding photographer but then talk myself out of it because there is no guarantee you'll have work....then I would admire fine art or fashion photography and toy with that idea for a while.....only to talk myself out of it because "photography doesn't mean anything" and "who cares about art anyway".
I was really caught up in the idea that whatever I chose to do had to make the world a better place and change lives.
I was a bit egotistical.
When all of the "important" career paths I pursued failed, I was lost.
I had no idea what I was going to do with my life and I felt like a humongous...enormous....gigantic failure.
Interestingly, I began shooting.
A lot.
I was shooting places.
I was shooting books.
I was shooting people.
I was shooting everything.
Looking back, I now realize that taking pictures is my happy place. My comfort. My source of fulfillment and joy.
I am so lucky that people trust me to capture the most important day of their lives and the fleeting moments of their children's lives.
It is only now that I understand that photography means everything.
It freezes tender times and precious moments.
Photographs have the power to bring a tear to your eye when looking back on your wedding day or a smile to your face when you see that adorable expression of your "baby" as a baby.
Of course photography matters.
What was I thinking?
I didn't intend for my life to take this path.......but I am so happy it did.
Shoot ya Later :)