Beautiful Belgium!

'Ello Loves!
I've got to say, Belgium was one of my favorite places we visited. 
We were lucky enough to get a personal tour of the European Parliament, Brussels, and Brugge
Sweetcheeks has connections EVERYWHERE!
Belgium is absolutely beautiful, the food is to die for, and the people are just the best!
If, for any reason, Belgium was not on your list of places to see I would absolutely recommend it... 
(unless you're watching your weight).
So many adventures!
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Sneak Peek!

Hey All!
I just wanted to give a sneak peek of what's coming up on the blog.
Amazing adventures in Belgium coming soon!!
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We Just HUMBLED Megan!

Hey Guys!
Thanks for stopping by!
I have a veeeery exciting post for you...okay, maybe it's just exciting for me.
Anyway, you may remember the quickie engagement sesh for my lil' bro and his leading lady (you can see HERE).
Weeeeelll...their big day finally came and Megan *officially* got Humbled...or Humblefied....well, they got married!
I was lucky enough to capture their beautiful intimate gathering.
Megan did an amazing job designing their sweet event.*
I loved their centerpieces.
There was just a touch of masculinity...which I adored.
It was so fun to watch my handsome (not so little) little brother marry the love of his life.
He is so wonderful and truly adores her.
I love seeing him love her so much.
They are so happy together...it's nauseating.
Adorable...but nauseating.
Anyway, I love you guys and I was honored to be part of this amazing day with you.
I wish you guys gaggles and gaggles of happiness and all the wonderful things the world has to offer.
Shoot ya Later :)

*Huge shout out to both sides of the fam! Everyone was a huge help before and during their special day.
I even had a few photo assistants (thanks Erin and Baylee!!)