Book your May MMS Session NOW!

Hey MMS-ers!
I have everything you need to book your May 7th MMS (it's getting so close, so make it happen!!!)!
HERE is the booking link!
HERE is the suuuuuper detailed description of what an MMS is if you are new to the neighborhood.
HERE is a shorter but still kinda long explanation WIIIIITH a couple shots from our Oct. MMS so you can understand the awesomeness you can expect! 
And HERE is the location for the May MMS!
See, I told you I have everything. I am so good at adulting.
I snapped a couple pictures of the area so that y'all could get an idea of how insanely cool this place is!
I am BURSTING with inspiration from this area.....I may or may not have tinkled a little.
I hope these quick snap shots show you the versatility and personality of this place.
There are some bright, colorful, crazy options but if that isn't your flavor there are tons of other walls, train tracks, stairs, and walkways to suit your fancy.
I am beyond stoked to be shooting here and I can't wait to see all of you there!
Shoot ya Later :)


Spring MMS Time! YAAAY!!!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for springWho's up for a MMSThere is an extensive explanation here but I'll just give you the highlights..and you can read all that good stuff later :) 
What you REALLY need to know is that the next MMS will be on MAY 7, 2016! YAY!! Mark your calendars!

I will have a follow up post in about two weeks with the link to book your session and the location details so keep your eyes glued to the blog for that.

OK, back to the explanation....they are called mini-mini sessions (MMS for short) and they are quick and affordable!

Here are the hard and fast details, sessions are in 20 or 35 minute time slots and they include 5, 10, or 15 digital images. All you have to do is schedule and pay for your session online! Then you show up at the MMS location and we party for a bit. Easy. Within a week of your session I will email you a link to your "proofing gallery" and you will decide what digital images you would like. Then poof, I'll email you the images and you're done! Just like that!

Here is your investment: a 20 minute session, including 5 digital prints, is only $65! A 35 minute session, including 10 digital prints, is $110. And finally, for a 35 minute session, including 15 digital prints, you only pay $125! Boom....mind. blown. (Additional digital prints can be purchased for $10/image (+tax))

These sessions are perfect for pretty much everyone! Headshots, families, seniors, engagements...EVERYONE
Below are some shots from our MMS in October. Look at all the fun we're having!!

If you have any additional questions, please email me at humbletakes@gmail.com
I am so excited to see you guys!

Shoot ya Later :)


The Beauty of The Czech Republic

Hey Gang!
I realized that there are SO many pictures from our European travels that I have never posted!
I was all like, "Melissa, get on top of this!".
So this is me getting on top of it.
We spent quite a while in the Czech Republic and it quickly became one of my favorite places.
I loved Prague and a smaller town called  České Budějovice!
Both cities are charming and full of character.
We met some great people and I was in awe of the architecture and quaint streets.
I also loved the John Lennon wall and the lock bridge.
The Czech Republic gets two HUGE thumbs up from this gal!
Shoot ya Later :)

Reminder: Prints available! Email me for pricing (humbletakes@gmail.com)!