Sugar and Spice...

Hey Guys!
I had the pleasure of shooting these cutie-patooties a couple weeks ago.
I'm pretty sure these girls are made of only sugar and no spice...but their mom might disagree!
I'm keeping this post is short and sweet, kinda like these girls. Ha!
Shoot ya Later :)


Here's to New Experiences!

You. Guys.
I had such a fun, and challenging, time shooting the
spring dance recital a couple weeks ago!
This was my veeeery first time doing anything like this...which was scary.
I learned so much!
I had a lot of help setting things up and figuring out what the H-E-Barbie Legs I was doing!
It was great to push myself and do something I've never done before.
A huge thanks to Springs Dance and all of these amazing sassy dancers!
Shoot ya Later :)


I've Been MIA but Working Hard...Promise

I've been a little scarce these days buuuuuuuuut, for good reason.
I've had a couple projects going on simultaneously and had the Little (Sweetcheek's adorable daughter) hangin' out so other things (like work and responsibility) slipped right through my fingers!
I wanted to check in with y'all and let you know that I am alive and well.
I have a couple things in the works so keep your eye out for those!
Keep it real, guys.
Shoot ya Later :)