Coordinating Outfits Stressin' You Out? Let Me Help!

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How are you guys? It is getting warmer and warmer and the gorgeous mountains just WON'T QUIT!
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The thought of trying to achieve a perfect photo shoot (link to “flawless photo shoot post)  can be overwhelming. But luckily for you, you have an expert in your pocket! I can help you figure out how to coordinate your family’s outfits without all the stress and hassle. Here are my top 5 tips for getting the exact balance of cohesion and individuality in your session.

Matching but not too matching

This is a hard balance to strike so I have added a few pictures of my clients that I feel struck it perfectly.

I love mostly neutrals and a hint of color. Using neutrals is helpful because usually all the members of your family already have an article of clothing in that color so you don't have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe!

I love a splash of color but nothing too distracting.

Don't be afraid to accessorize

A chunky necklace, big scarf, or fun tie can be the perfect additions to any family photo shoot. Stay in your color scheme and you will be amazed at how using accessories can make your session hip and fun.

Both of these sessions were done in the fall/winter months and I LOVE the chunky necklace and the scarves (and those suspenders...get outta town!). They add color, texture, fun and warmth!

Patterns can be perfect, if used carefully

Patterns can be a very scary commitment for a family session. I understand. You have to be careful with strong graphic prints, but they can add a lot of personality to your family pictures.

With that being said...don't go crazy. Keep your pattern prints to a tasteful minimum and use them as an accent not a foundation.

The beautiful floral pattern of her dress brings brightness and color to their color scheme. The grey and white polka-dot is more understated but still adds interest and personality to this sassy girls pictures!

Keep your location in mind  

This is something that is very important but gets overlooked. If you are shooting in the middle of a wheat field your options for colors and patterns are much more open than if you choose to shoot in front of a bright wall or a building covered in graffiti.

If your location has a ton of personality then I recommend using mellow colors, skip the strong patterned prints, and go easy on the accessories.

Keeping your location in mind will help you narrow down your clothing options.

The black and pink are perfect for this nature setting. They are fun and bright and draw your attention. On the other hand, it was smart to keep the colors to a minimum when shooting in front of this awesome (and colorful) graffiti.

Finally, have fun with it!

Don't overthink it! There are millions of ways to make your photo session exude the personality of your family. While I do think it's important to consider your clothing choices I definitely do not think it's the most important aspect of a family photo session. Come and have a great time and you will love your family pictures regardless of what your mob is wearing!

What are some of your favorite accessories to make your photo session unique and personalized?!

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13 Unconventional Instagrammers You Need in Your Life

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Quick holla to my May MMS'er! You guys killed it and I love ya. June is such a beautiful time of year for pictures. I can't wait for my June MMS dates! Book below:

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As y'all well know I'm full on obsessed with Instagram. I am constantly amazed by all of the creative people in the world! I am inspired by many different mediums. Drawing, cookie decorating, painting, sculpture, planner organization, hand lettering...all of it unconventional for what you would think I'd be in to. Here are my top 13 unconventional instagramers, for now...

I love him because: his perspective makes me look at things differently

I love him because: using objects for high fashion gown design blows my mind

I love her because: her humor is tongue in cheek and a bit cheesy; she makes fun of herself and society

I love him because: his animations always make me smile, always

I love him because: his work is bright and fun and makes me daydream about vacationing

I love her because: she makes words more interesting

I love her because: her cookies are more than cookies, they're art

I love him because: uhm...miniature dioramas using unconventional items, nuff said

I love her because: I am also a scary mommy

I love him because: his feed reminds me that everyone has a story

I love her because: her satirical take on society, fashion, and social media pretty much gives me life

I love him because: my organs relate a little too much

13: @fjamie013

I love him because: he is wittier than me

My Instagram feed is always evolving. I love that about Instagram, you're the curator of your social media experience.

Who are some interesting or unconventional Instagramers you love?

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3 Tips to Photograph Your Kids Like A Pro

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I'm gearing up for my last May MMS and June's MMS's that are just around the corner! Links to book below :)

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In the meantime, I thought I could help all of you moms and dads capture the ever elusive and eternally adorable smiles of your kiddos with three of my favorite tips.

Shooting kids is most often the hardest (and most amazing) part of my job. Kids have a hard time during photo sessions because, well, photo sessions are boring. Over the years I have learned some valuable lessons when it comes to shooting kiddos to get not only beautiful images but genuine expressions!. Here are my top three snippets of advice for the next time you want to capture your child's adorableness!

It's up to them!

I promise this is the best advice I can give anyone!  If your kiddos are not interested in taking pictures they will absolutely let you know. My advice? Take pictures when they're up for it. That means:
*well rested

Be patient and wait for this golden time. I guarantee the best pictures always come from kids who feel good.

Let them relax! (so you can too)

In my experience, kids do the absolute best when you allow them to take time to relax. If you're constantly screaming "smile" at them, you will get a fake, plastered, school-photo-type smile. If the kid wants to:
*make a funny face...
*show you a leaf...
*tell you a funny story...

...let them

And be snapping pictures the entire time! Sometimes the greatest pictures happen when you and your kiddo weren't even trying. So relax and have fun!


My final piece of advice is to let your kids play! Let them run around, pick up things they find, or play on the swing-set.  Not only will you capture the true essence of your child at that point in time, but your pictures will have so much more personality and genuineness. It's worth the time and energy for you to poke your head out from behind the camera and tickle or chase them. Don't be afraid to stop shooting for a couple minutes to chat with them or just hang out. Your kids will love spending time with you and probably won't even mind a camera in their face!

I love the crinkled noses, closed eyes, funny faces and huge smiles.

Getting beautiful pictures of a child's genuine happiness is never easy, but I hope that with a couple hints and tricks you can relax and enjoy taking pictures of your babies!

Tell me, what are some of your favorite tips for shooting your kiddos? Happy shooting!

Shoot ya Later :)