Melissa is actually a scientist, but her real passion is photography. When Melissa graduated college with a degree in Chemistry, her parents bought her a camera as a graduation gift. And, since then she’s been focused on conveying life through the power of the image. A visual leaner, Melissa draws on the need for pictures to tell the story that encapsulates the feelings, memories, and emotion within each image.

Melissa’s professional photography career began as an intern with a well-known photographer where she gained experience with shooting and editing techniques over two years. During that time she took photos of her family and “shot” a friend’s wedding.  Her reputation continued to grow by word of mouth and in 2012 Melissa opened Humbletakes Photography.

Humbletakes Photography creatively captures the essence of each candid moment. Photos represent a once-in-a lifetime occasion that can’t be recreated. 

“Never underestimate the power an image can have on people.”
                  -Melissa Humble-Sage

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  1. Melissa is my favorite photographer of all times, I'm always amazed at the emotions she captures in her pictures!